Hello and welcome to “composingme” the blog that has this middle aged women sharing her trials, tribulations, and triumphs while venturing towards self discovery and authenticity.

My husband and I reside in the quiet, rural town of Spring City, Pennsylvania. Yes, we hear the cows and smell the manure. Backroads, and covered bridges, are part of our commute to work, meeting  friends, and enjoying places of entertainment. I love my surroundings and cringe at the word “city”.

After 28 years of raising three incredible boys we are just shy of becoming empty nesters, and it is NOW that I’ve realized self care, and personal growth, has gone MIA. Unfortunately, I allowed other aspects in life, such as child rearing, career, and marriage to take center stage. I am now clueless as to who “I am”. I hope that by being a little vulnerable, and imparting my thoughts, and lessons (which include the good, the bad, the ugly, and the AMAZING) others will feel encouraged to put themselves first LONG before I did.

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, and redoing our yesterdays is not an option. Becoming mindful of being “present” and striving to “show up” as the best version of myself has become a daily goal. I realize that understanding and owning my personal truth will not transpire overnight, but I also know I AM no longer MIA!

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