The Window of “Thinking”

Disagreements are inevitable. Whether they are over trivial issues or significant problems in our relationships. During these moments, we get caught up in trying to convince the other person(s) that our perception and way of thinking are correct.

Make Them“Think”

I had an encounter with someone who was extremely passionate about a specific topic. When I say “passionate,” I mean they were hell-bent on bringing me to their way of thinking. I felt differently regarding the subject. Once allowed to speak, I acknowledged what they had said and calmly said, “I heard you, but have you ever considered….” I went on to express my thoughts. I did not share my opinion in an aggressive, overly persuasive manner. I was simply interested in having them contemplate my viewpoint. There was silence as a long pause entered our space. After a few moments, they gazed at me, nodded, and said, “Although my feelings haven’t changed, what you said made me think…thank you”. The conversation ended peacefully. Although neither of us relinquished our position, we moved on respectfully and gained insight into one another’s beliefs.

We can agree to disagree. And there are even moments when the window of “open-mindedness” is cracked open. By simply “cracking” that window, we allow opportunities for personal growth. I’d love nothing more than to observe streets of raised windows due to individuals needing to “stop and think.”

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