Make Someone’s Day

You’re waiting in the grocery line, and the customer in front of you possess one of the following: really cool shoes, flawless makeup, or their hair color is on point. After a moment, you share one of your observations. Upon receiving the compliment, the stranger, happily surprised, responds, “Thanks, that just made my day!” 

A smile stretches across your face within seconds, and your day feels brighter. The truth is, that kind gesture sparked inner joy making YOUR day!

When a deed is bestowed from a place of genuine generosity, it is contagious and encourages goodwill to spread. In addition, we can bring the by-product of our actions inward. Yes, we reap what we sow, and hearing “Thanks, that just made my day” can allow us to reap great personal rewards. Making our day is a gift we place upon ourselves simply by making someone else’s.


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