Keep’m Close!

Over twenty years ago, I accompanied my now husband to a party where I knew no one. I hadn’t wanted to go, but the introvert in me yelled, “What the hell are you doing?” However, I liked the handsome man I was dating, so I tugged, yanked up my big girl pants, and inhaled a million deep breaths. I could and would do this! Approximately thirty minutes later, I crossed the threshold of a beautiful home and wandered down the foyer. I arrived at the kitchen and observed four women engrossed in an animated conversation while my date went to fetch beverages. My chest burned, hot with uncomfortableness, and the short strands of hair along my neck silently dripped a cold sweat. While I quickly ran through the choices of introductions spitballing in my head, “Hi, I’m Drea,” “Hi, I’m with Chris,” “Sorry to interrupt, but where is the bathroom?” the chatter halted, and all eyes shifted to me. I shrank inwardly, “Oh god, time for the critiquing to commence,” I thought. Yet I gazed upon unpretending smiles, kindness sailed among the four walls, and their inviting energy conquered the apprehension I occupied.

Those women were, and are, “good people.”  Have you ever met an individual(s) whom you immediately sensed a kinship with? Their spirit(s) evokes acceptance, tolerance, compassion, and positivity. You quickly discover that you cannot help but adopt their infectious vibe when in their presence.

I treasure these ladies; the circle has gained a few more unique individuals. To anyone reading this piece, please take note; once you meet “good people,” make sure you keep close, keep’m VERY close! Their presence is absolutely golden!

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