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Praise for Jonah Hill’s documentary film, “Stutz,” on Netflix. This production is a rare and unique interview between a patient, friend, and therapist.

“Stutz” makes the Mental Health world a better place.

Hill’s goal was to bring mental health awareness and help others. Through his conversations with his therapist, the excellent psychiatrist Phil Stutz, the audience learns of  “The Tools,” the method Stutz presents to his clients. Although I had never heard about “The Tools,” it resonated with the skills and teachings my therapist has taught me. My head nodded in agreement, and my inner voice whispered, “Hey, have you acknowledged Shadow lately?”,  “Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, and love, love,” and “This guy totally gets it!”.


Think of a complicated problem you have in your life right now, and then try this: First, think of the problem as a random hardship occurring in an unthinking universe that doesn’t care about you or your evolution. How does that feel? Now, think of the same problem as a challenge posed by a universe that wants you to evolve and knows you can. How does that feel? Most.”   -Phil Stutz

For 1 hr. & 36 min

I sat, wrapped in a fleece blanket, transfixed on my television screen, my mind and body captivated by the characters and cinematography of this film. Its simplicity was beautiful; filmed primarily in black and white, both Hill and Stutz needed nothing more than to converse with one another. I laughed aloud, held a wet tissue in my hand, and felt overwhelming validation. Yes, that’s what happens, and it feels like that!

My husband said last night, “Mental health needs to be brought into the classroom. Schools ensure students participate in health, sex education, and gym (physical education), so why is mental health ignored?” He isn’t wrong. Perhaps if mental health was presented as a school subject, the ability to understand, recognize, and communicate the challenges that can wreak havoc within us would no longer be rejected but embraced. Children, teenagers, and adults don’t know what they don’t know. Why are we prolonging awareness until one’s mental health begins to suffer?

Thank you, Jonah Hill and Phil Stutz, for being vulnerable. Your voices will encourage others to become weak and one with their Shadow.

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