Happy Thanksgiving!

The sun is shining through the family room window, my cup of java just inches away; the house is quiet except for the humming of heat blanketing me with warmth and the occasional sound of our cockapoo changing his position atop the couch cushion to better bathe in the morning light. I have immense gratitude for so much, yet there are not enough words to express all I feel.

Grateful for YOU!

I want to thank anyone that pauses from their day and takes a moment to read my posts. Utilizing this blog to convey my “work in progress” is a gift I appreciate daily. It is a priceless vessel that guides me toward my personal truth.

Today is also an appropriate time to acknowledge fellow bloggers. Your poems, quotes, thoughts, and experiences that are kindly shared withth reade like me areis deeply appreciated. Upon reading your entries, please understand that many depart with insight, a sense of belonging, and a smile on their face. Your work makes a difference!

The sense of thankfulness felt as a writer, and a follower is incredible. To all of you readers, and authors, I wish you a heartfelt holiday filled with nothing but love, joy, and a feeling of self-worth! Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!



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