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Utilizing books, documentaries, and podcasts as a vessel, I am stepping closer to my true identity and purpose. Platforms such as anchor, apple, and google have bestowed incredible resources to achieve those two things. Being a follower of Jay Shetty’s podcast has provided many tools and knowledge while composing me. His calm, cheerful energy voice can be heard during my daily commute to and from work.  This particular topic, and all that was conveyed, felt too important not to share. Now, I do not necessarily listen to the order in which they are aired; this episode is from October.

“On Purpose” With Jay Shetty Season 1 Episode 386, entitled “Dr. Gabor Maté ON: Understanding Your Trauma & How to Heal Emotional Wounds to Start Moving On From the Past Today.”


The segment shared above had enormous insight, so I often paused the podcast to voice-to-text words, statements, or thoughts that resonated with me. Jay Shetty’s conversation with the incredible Dr. Gabor Maté educated me on his views regarding the flawed concept of “normal.” He divulged his thoughts on healing: the need for wholeness (mind and body). And, at its core must reach beyond the individual, family, culture, and society. In light of what he expressed, it became evident that we must cultivate a fuller and more accessible world. We have missed the mark on trauma and healing; our fingers must move beyond pointing inward and only acknowledging “our” personal trauma. In hearing Dr. Maté words, I felt encouraged that my path is leading toward living authentically. In addition, he fueled the desire to make my life the best it can be and, more importantly, aid in repairing our world as a whole!

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