When You Think You’ve Got It Right…

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Have you ever envisioned a significant goal, determined that once it’s achieved, whatever it may be, you’ll feel great self-worth? Your mental thoughts have constructed a narrative that says, “Just wait until we reach……. This will be a defining moment for us. Oh, the amount of pride and self-worth will be overwhelming. Those around us will recognize our accomplishments and agree that we have come far. This will be a monumental achievement.”

YES, We’ve Arrived!

OH, Shit, Maybe We Haven’t!

So, the destination has been reached, the mission accomplished, and the reality is hugely disappointing. What was yearned for doesn’t amount to anything; you now stand back in bewilderment. WTF?!

Not ALL We Seek Results in Prosperity

Your predicted outcome differs from what materialized, and the results did not lead to prosperity. As discouraging as this may be, the failure(s) and lesson(s) endured when the fruits of our labor and commitment prove unfulfilling is essential to personal growth. Working through frustration, anger, humility, and disappointment, a new perception emerges. Regardless of what you were seeking, the “conquest” was not necessarily your purpose. The actual intention was the connections formed by the risks taken, the desire to embark on betterment, the willingness to embrace uncertainty, and acknowledging the misconception that self-worth would be conceived from this accomplishment.

Don’t Relinquish Hope

The greatest successes often transpire when our initial path and goal are eradicated. Unknowingly, the by-product is a startling awakening of what our personal truth truly desires! Let the awakening lead the way.

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