The World of Decision-Making

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

~You spend days obtaining information, and studying all facets, allowing yourself to make a well-informed decision.

~A list of pros and cons is created and analyzed, and then you determine if there are enough beneficial factors to move forward.

~Others are asked for their thoughts regarding the matter at hand, and then all input is given significant consideration before deciding what to do.

~Your gut is the basis for all decision-making. Following your instincts rarely proves you wrong.

~Why torture yourself with the “Should I,” “Shouldn’t I,” and “What ifs”? Flying by the seat of your pants is your motto; making a decision that feels most appropriate at the time is the only way to go! You only live once!

My relationship with decision-making was this: I mulled over the plethora of “what ifs” and tortured myself with the “should I?” Even during moments of simple decision-making. This, in a shocker, resulted from needing to please EVERYONE! I wanted everyone to be content with my choices, even if they had nothing to do with them.

Relinquishing my personal life decisions onto others created a monster. This occurred so often that on those rare occasions when I DID resolve to move forward on my own, I encountered criticism and skepticism. The web of harbored self-negativity was extensive! As I began untangling the mess I had so unknowingly woven, I discovered that refraining from incorporating everyone’s perspective when there was a choice to be made was highly beneficial. I also learned that when I accept input from those I respect and trust, I must remind myself that they are their thoughts. Perception is individually viewed; theirs may or may not carry some truth. I cannot base my choice entirely on what they have experienced and shared. Unearthing my personal truth and acknowledging what I will/will not tolerate and accept has reduced anxiety during any selection process. I am now able to detect what doesn’t sit right with me. Occasionally, there are times when I find myself tossing and turning at night, agonizing over possibilities and how others will receive my actions. However, those restless nights of sleep are much fewer and farther between.

***Note to self…making any type of decision when emotional is a BAD idea! Making choices when emotions have the best of me, good or bad, undoubtedly creates unnecessary conflict or issues. When emotions are running high, taking five is a GOOD idea!

Making decisions can include numerous factors that may need to be considered. Here are just a couple: “How does this decision affect me monetarily?”, “Does this decision directly affect me or others in my life?”, “Will this bring me happiness and/or personal growth?”, “What is the worse possible outcome?”

There may be more than one clear-cut way to make choices. The critical elements in making a good decision for “ME” include self-reflection, patience, and understanding how this will directly impact my world.

What is YOUR decision-making process?




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