The Inner Vow

For many, finding a lifetime partner is one of life’s most important goals. Hoping to unite with that one individual who enhances our world by supporting our aspirations and personal growth and accepting that we are UNCONDITIONALLY is the ultimate dream.

Take Five

Before ” searching” for that significant other, think, “Would you marry YOU?”

Are you able to answer that question honestly? To some, the answer is a quick “Hell, yes.” Self-worth and a proper understanding of the authentic self are visible. Yet, to others, the answer could be more readily forthcoming. If we do not “know” who we are if we cannot say “yes” to marrying ourselves, then are we truly capable of saying “yes” to another person?

Are you “Self”-Marriage Material?

How do you treat yourself? Do you honor commitments to yourself? Do you make yourself a priority? Do you stand for your truths? Do you possess self-worth and love?

I would marry myself in a heartbeat, no questions asked. I would be in the above picture if I were a few years younger and wore long blonde hair. YES, yes, and yes! I am not perfect, and I love all my imperfections. I am worthy of love and absolute acceptance. My husband is fortunate and well aware of that fact. Conversely, I recognize that my spouse would marry himself without hesitation. He is an incredible human, mindful of his beautiful attributes and shortcomings.

I was married for a brief period, once before, in my early twenties. I would have kindly declined if I had been asked to marry myself. I was clueless about what I did/didn’t deserve, wanted, or love myself. I was a hot mess and in NO position to say “yes” to another individual.

Say “I do” to YOU!

The desire to share our lives with other humans makes our species unique. We are created and born with the need for human connection. Yet, we must understand how essential the true self is to an authentic and transparent relationship with another person. Doesn’t it make more sense to say “I do” to you preceding the pledge formed later in life? Exchanging those vows again and looking into the other’s eyes should be a bonus.





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