Shower Your People

Do you shower those you love with messages and/or actions about how much they mean to you? I “sprinkle” my people but lose sight of showering them with love. When I acknowledge how much they mean to me, I often express what they do for me and others. Getting to the heart of what I find remarkable about who they are is often overlooked.

A REAL Shower of Love

If I were better, my shower of love would give thanks for what is done and, more importantly, recognize the individual’s unique qualities. Of course, those special people in my life appreciate words of gratitude for helping me around the house, lending me a cup of flour, letting our dog out when we don’t get home in time, etc. Can you imagine if I dug a little deeper, looked them in the eye, and showered them with “I love your smile, and whenever I see it, my day is always brighter” or “Your ability to show me the positive side of a situation is something I admire, you are so important to me.” Oh, what a shower of love that would be!

Here’s to more meaningful days filled with bestowing significant showers of love! I hope others do the same.

Who did you last shower with love?

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